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The Company

Our company was founded in August 1999 in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

We offer you:

  • Products of a high quality standard with the highest possible fortifications
  • Best possible enrichments
  • Extensive additional services
  • Accurate and thorough handling of all requests, regardless of the size of the request

The highest quality

Regarding the fulfillment of our high quality requirements, we are proud to be able to say that since the founding of STB ISOTOPE Germany GmbH in 1999, we have never received a complaint regarding the quality of our products and we strive to continue to meet this requirement.

Please contact us for references

Company History

STB ISOTOPE Germany GmbH was founded in 1999 in the city of Hamburg.

Since then we work with pioneers such as institutes in isotope research. In particular, the further development of innovative technologies for the separation and production of isotopes should be emphasized here. In this regard our partners continue to work on the further development and refinement of isotope separation and related technologies.

Through close cooperation the largest production facilities for isotopes, we are able to offer one of the largest ranges of stable isotopes. This wide range of isotopes enables us to serve large orders in a timely manner.

Thanks to our advanced manufacturing technologies, we are now able to offer our customers isotopes with the highest possible enrichments at competitive prices. Our specially trained staff work closely with experienced chemists to consistently meet the highest quality standards. Customer inquiries are processed as quickly as possible and the timely delivery of orders is a matter of course for our well-established team.